In the context that Vietnam's tourism industry is undergoing many changes and innovations to improve service quality, the training of students has a high ability to adapt to a dynamic working environment; At the same time, meeting the strict requirements of the employers has become the top target of the current tourism management training programs.

Along with that trend, the training program of Tourism Management of the Faculty of Business Administration, Ho Chi Minh City Open University aims to train bachelors with knowledge, specialized skills in tourism, capable of the ability to adapt to a dynamic working environment in different types of businesses and organizations; has the potential to become a manager who operates a travel business, establishes and manages a travel agency, develops tourism strategy, business plan and marketing.

A reasonable, scientific, practical training program that creates a good premise to help students fully confident in their knowledge, professional skills, language proficiency as well as their attitude and working capacity. Thereby, it satisfies the most rigorous recruitment requirements from businesses.

During their studies at HCMC OU, students can participate in Academic Club activities, extracurricular programs, international student exchange programs and seminars, seminars, and sharing experiences. Experts are experienced Entrepreneurs. These activities help students be active and proactive in their career paths, practice skills and be ready to work with a positive mindset when they graduate.

* Training programs advantages

Dedicated faculty, with solid professional knowledge, graduated from famous universities in the UK, France, America, Australia, Germany, ... have pedagogical skills and practical work experience.

With the motto "student focus - practical focus", the training program is always updated, innovative, close to actual needs, in accordance with recruitment requirements of businesses.

A lively and practical learning environment through seminars between businesses and students, along with experiential activities at academic clubs, helps students practice professional skills.

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Entry Requirements

Bachelor of Tourism management

For training programs taught in Vietnamese:

  • Graduated Vietnamese high school diploma (in fulltime or continuing education) or graduated intermediate vocational diploma.
  • Graduated intermediate vocational program but no high school diploma, the learners must study and finish high school credits according to the regulation.
  • Graduated from high school abroad, equivalent to high school diploma in Vietnam
  • B2 in Vietnamese (level 4/6) of Vietnamese language ability framework for foreigners according to Circular No. 17/2015/TT-BGDDT dated 01 September 2015 promulgated by Minister of the Ministry of Education and Training (Appendix 1). If the learners don’t meet the requirement in Vietnamese, they have to attend Vietnamese class at Ho Chi Minh City Open University (E-learning Center or Center for short courses).
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