Bachelor’s Degree Program in Law comprises of 125 credits, with required courses in Civil Law and Administrative Law. Elective courses offered are Administrative Procedure Law, Law on Inspection, Complaint and Denouncement, Civil Executive law, Common Contracts, Roman Law, Law on City Management, etc.

The training objectives of the Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Law and Law of Economics are to train qualified jurists with in-depth knowledge of all the legal work and with specialty in commercial laws. Besides, the Faculty focuses on training students with technical skills and soft skills, forming the right attitude toward the profession, the community as well as society. These skills and principles are integrated into teaching and classroom interactions, extracurricular activities, academic competitions, student club events, the participated sessions in court, law firm, etc.

Students will be learning from and working with faculty members, highly qualified enthusiastic lawyers and judges. The highlights of the two programs are to incorporate theoretical and applied trainings in their curricula.

Students of Junior Year are sent to enterprises, government agencies, courts to serve as interns for one month at each selected agency. The goal is for students to receive work-related, communication, and problem solving skills while still in training. These practical opportunities will help student form and early awareness of the legal profession they have chosen and reflect on their real and potential abilities; help students identify the knowledge and skills they have or have yet acquired so that they can improve and strengthen themselves before entering the workforce.

In addition, the Faculty of Law also organizes regular seminars and mentoring with the participation of well-established legal experts.

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Entry Requirements

For training program in Vietnamese


  • Graduated Vietnamese high school diploma (in fulltime or continuing education) or graduated intermediate vocational diploma.
  • Graduated intermediate vocational program but no high school diploma, the learners must study and finish school credits according to the regulation.
  • Graduated from high school abroad, equivalent to high school diploma in Vietnam.
  • B2 in Vietnamese (level 4/6) of Vietnamese language ability framework for foreigners according to Circular No. 17/2015/TT-BGDDT dated 01 September 2015 promulgated by Minister of the Ministry of Education and Training (Appendix 1). If learners don’t meet the requirements in Vietnamese, they have to attend Vietnamese class at Ho Chi Minh City Open University (E-Learning Center or Center for short courses).
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